Amethi: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, daughter of Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, said that Rahul Gandhi also has the same far sighted vision like his father Rajiv Gandhi.
“Rajiv Gandhi was a visionary. He had a great love for the people of Amethi and you also had loved him. If he (Rajiv Gandhi) has done any development work like BHEL, Fursatganj airport, then that was not limited to one particular area, in fact, the spill over effect of development could be seen in near-by areas” and added, “Rahul Gandhi also has the same far sighted vision in his approaches. He follows his father’s footsteps. All his plans, programmes and policies for Amethi have been to empower people and to ensure welfare”.
“Rahul Gandhi also brought milk revolution here. Earlier, milk used to come from outside the area.  Rahul Gandhi established 3 chilling plants here which eventually helped for this revolutionary progress in milk supply. Today truck- loads of milk go to across India, and for it the actual credit goes to Rahul Gandhi” said Priyanka Gandhi.
“Today there are seven National Highways passing through Amethi. He also made roads built through PMGSY in all villages with the population of more than 1000.  Several electric polls were erected in the villages but providing electricity is state government’s duty. Sonia (Gandhi) ji had requested Mulayam Singh (Yadav) ji regarding this and the state government did some positive moves on this. But some other opposition parties have approached Court asking what is special with Amethi and Raebareli. Because of their objection, there is scarcity for electricity here.  Rahul Ji also got several roads built using central schemes but the maintenance of the same is the responsibility of the state govt. We have been pressurizing the state govt on this. We are hopeful that we will be able to find a solution to these issues”, explained the Congress star campaigner.
“Due to his initiatives Amethi has several educational and technical institutes in the area between Jayes and Fursatganj. It will not only help youth get proper education but will also bring in tremendous economical growth in the whole region. We have FDDI, Petroleum institute, IIIT,  Kendreeya Vidyalaya, 3 model schools  and Navodaya Vidyalaya as well as we have Kasturba Gandhi BalikaVidyalay in every block, in the area between Fursatganj and Jayes. We have now several trains passing through Amethi and also introduced about 20 new trains from here” informed Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.